Bill & Sonia Shaw - Chad, Assemblies of God
We want to thank all of our faithful supporters for the continued contribtuion you are making so we can together change the face of the desert nation of Chad. With your help, the first Christian FM radio station ever to operate is now broadcasting in this city of one million people eight hours a day. People of the Islamic community are beginning to inquire about the programs we offer in Arabic. Continue to pray for this great opportunity.

Also, pray for our Bible school campus development. This is a KEY to the future of the worjk here in Chad. A new model for ministry MUST be developed to assist this church to mature.

Currently we are finishing the teachers' housing and look forward to welcoming the first students on campus in January, 2009.
This is our local pastor, Frederic Doumdingao and Mathias, our control man, in the radio station doing the morning program.